A: From Acanthite to Azurite.

B: From Babingtonite to Bultfonteinite.

C: From Cacoxenite to Cylindrite.

D: From Danburite to Dyscrasite.

E: From Elbaite to Eudidymite.

F: From Feldspar Group to Freibergite.

G: From Galena to Gypsum.

H: From Halite to Hübnerite.

I: From Ilmenite to Iolite.

J: From Jarosite to Johannsenite.

K: From Karibibite to Kyanite.

L: From Laueite (TL) to Löllingite.

M: From Magnetite to Mottramite.

N: From Natrolite to Normandite.

O: From Obsidian to Orthoclase.

P: From Paratacamite to Pyrophyllite.

Q: From Quartz to Quartz.

R: From Ranciéite to Rutile.

S: From Safflorite to Synchysite-(Ce).

T: From Talmessite to Tyrolite.

U: From Uralite to Uvite.

V: From Vanadinite to Vonsenite.

W: From Wavellite to Wulfenite.

X: From Xenotime-Y to Xenotime-Y.

Y: From Yuanfuliite to Yuanfuliite.

Z: From Zincolivenite to Zircon.